As part of Kiwanis International, and overseen by the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland, we have been working diligently for over 70 years in a variety of ways to improve the lives of children and young adults in Greater Kirkland and other Eastside communities.

Our approach is simple, yet effective; As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with nearly 100 local volunteers, we are in position to seek out opportunities to improve our communities by directly helping individuals in need, as well as provide financial support to smaller, lesser known organizations who, in their own unique ways, are endeavoring to do the same.  And since we are made up entirely of unpaid volunteers, virtually 100% of the donations and grants we receive go directly to improving the lives children and young adults.

Our criteria for providing support is equally simple, yet effective.  Our priorities are as follows:

  • Primary beneficiaries of our support must be children or young adults
  • Our area of focus is Kirkland and the Greater Eastside
  • Our support must have a meaningful impact on the recipient or recipients

Mission Statement

As a non-profit, all-volunteer service organization, our mission is to utilize our resources, goodwill, community awareness, and vision to improve Seattle’s greater eastside communities through projects, programs, grants and donations which enhance the health, safety, well-being, education, and ultimate success of children and young adults. 

Vision Statement

Our vision is to extend the good work and impact of the Kiwanis Club of Kirkland by providing an efficient, locally focused, philanthropic fund where donors can trust that their donation will be well-managed… going directly toward improving the lives of children and young adults. 

Organizations Supported by the Kirkland Kiwanis Foundation

  • Burned Children Recovery Foundation – Free summer camp for severely burned children
  • Seattle Children's Hospital Palliative Care – Helping to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family
  • Kiwanis Children's Cancer Project – Funding research Fellowships at Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Nourishing Networks – Providing weekend meals for at-risk children
  • YMCA - Kirkland Teen Union Building – Constructive activities for marginalized young people
  • Friends of Youth – Counselling and support for at-risk youths
  • Kirkland Boys and Girls Club of Kirkland
  • Academic Scholarships for graduating high school seniors
  • Vocational Scholarships (automotive) - Bill Petter Memorial Fund
  • Catholic Community Services – A variety of humanitarian support activities for the young
  • New Bethlehem Project -  Day Shelter and resources for homeless families
  • Attain Housing – Transitional Housing for families with children
  • Children's orthodontic/ dental care for low-income families who do not qualify for state aid (Jack Keller Memorial Fund)
  • KTUB/ YMCA - Summer Youth Institute – Positive activities and job training for at-risk high school students
  • Gratitude Sailing – Once in a life-time boating experience for young people, and the physically impaired who otherwise would never have the opportunity
  • Kiwanis Camp Casey – Free week-long summer camp for children between the ages 6-17 who suffer from severe physical impairments.