To download the PowerPoint by Dr. Tom Pendergrass Click here.
A Presentation on Kiwanis Youth Safety Guidelines – December 27, 2017

The following links to documents has been provided to help you educate yourself on issues related to very important issue of Youth Protection as spelled out by Kiwanis International and the Lake Washington School District.

  1. Kiwanis Youth Protection Guidelines
  2. Kiwanis Background Checks for Kiwanis Advisors
  3. Lake Washington School District Volunteer Application Form.
  4. Kiwanis International Policies & Procedures on Alcohol
  5. Kiwanis On Bullying
  6. Kiwanis Photo Release

For Youth Protection Training go to the The Kirkland  Homepage  Then Login in the upper right hand Corner.  Login in to our Kirkland Members Only Website using your password and then go to the "Kiwanis" tab on Left Hand Navigation Bar. It will take you to the "Club Leadership Education" module.  In this section there is a link to "Youth Protection Training" This is the on-line education module or Youth Protection Guidelines Training.

Lake Washington School District Volunteer Application Form.  (This form needed if you intent to do visitations at any Key Club, Builders Club, or School function at a LWSD Facility. 

(The Key Club Advisors can probably help if you have questions on the information needed or where to send the completed application.) 

For more information on the LWSD Volunteer Application Process, click.... HERE